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Joanna L. Casson

Joanna L. Casson

Phone: 505-665-6186
Email: casson@lanl.gov

Professional Career

  • 2008 - present: Industrial Hygiene & Safety Professional, Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • 2001 - 2008: Laser and Optics Technician, Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • 1996 - 2001: Staff Research Assistant, Los Alamos National Laboratory


  • 2001: M.S. Electrical Engineering, University of New Mexico. Albuquerque, NM
  • 1987: A.B. Physics, Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, PA

Current Research

  • Characterizing quantum dots using TEM, EDX and photoluminescence.

Previous Research

  • Used second-harmonic generation to characterize the nonlinear optical properties of organic thin films.
  • Characterized small, integrated lens/scanner devices and waveguides.
  • Used second-harmonic and sum-frequency generation techniques to study the thermodynamics of adsorbates on model surfaces and in porous media.
  • Did vibrational spectroscopy at surfaces and in porous media using a tunable mid-infrared laser beam generated by optical parametric generation (OPG).
  • Investigated the thermodynamics of soil samples that have undergone laser ablation.

Selected Publications

August 2010

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