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Christophe Galland

Christophe Galland

Phone: 505-695-2121
Email: galland@alumni.ethz.ch


  • 2006 Master of Science, Ecole Polytechnique Paris (FR)
  • 2008 Ingénieur Diplômé de l’Ecole Polytechnique
  • 2010 PhD in Physics, Quantum Photonics Group, Prof. Imamoglu at ETH Zürich, CH

Current Research

  • Sinlge quantum-dot photoluminescence spectroscopy and spectro-electrochemistry. Study of blinking and charging in individual nanocrystals

Invited Presentation in International Conferences

  • 7th International Conference on Quantum Dots – QD 2012, Santa Fe (USA), May 13-18th 2012 “Two types of luminescence blinking revealed by spectro-electrochemistry of single QDs”
  • 3rd International Conference NANOCON11, Brno (Czech Rep.), September 21st to September 23rd, 2011 “The Role of Charging in Photoluminescence Blinking Revealed by Single Dot Spectro-electrochemistry”
  • Workshop Graphene - Nanotubes GNT'11, Dourdan (Fance), February 7th to February 11th, 2011 “Optically-active nanotube quantum dots: coupling to phonons and Spin Manipulation”

Selected Publications

  • Christophe Galland, Yagnaseni Ghosh, Andrea Steinbrück, Milan Sykora, Jennifer A. Hollingsworth, Victor I. Klimov & Han Htoon. "Two types of luminescence blinking revealed by spectroelectrochemistry of single quantum dots", Nature, 479, 203–207, doi:10.1038/nature10569
  • J. Dreiser, M. Atatüre, C. Galland, T. Müller, A. Badolato, and A. Imamoglu: Optical investigations of quantum dot spin dynamics as a function of external electric and magnetic fields Physical Review B 77, 075317 (2008)
  • A.Högele, C. Galland, M. Winger, and A. Imamoglu: Photon Antibunching in the Photoluminescence Spectra of a Single Carbon Nanotube Physical Review Letters 100, 217401 (2008)
  • C. Galland, A. Högele, H. Türeci, and A. Imamoglu: Non-Markovian Decoherence of Localized Nanotube Excitons by Acoustic Phonons Physical Review Letters 101, 067402 (2008)
  • C. Galland and A. Imamoglu: All-Optical Manipulation of Electron Spins in Carbon-Nanotube Quantum Dots Physical Review Letters 101, 157404 (2008)
  • Wilson-Rae, C. Galland, W. Zwerger and A. Imamoglu: Exciton-assisted optomechanics with suspended carbon nanotubes http://arxiv.org/abs/0911.1330

November 2011

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