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Our team’s research focuses on syntheses, electronic and optical properties, as well as device applications of semiconductor nanocrystals and nanoscale assemblies built from these particles.The ability to precisely control the composition, size and shape of the nanocrystals provides great flexibility in engineering their electronic and optical properties. Tunable dimensions and shapes of the individual particles as well as the ease of manipulating them into a complex interacting structure make colloidal nanocrystals well suited for studies of size- and structure-dependent quantum-mechanical interactions as well as ideal building blocks for nanoscale engineering.

Our research efforts span across different areas of nanocrystal research from synthesis of novel types of nanostructures, to photophysical studies using the most advanced spectroscopic techniques and finally incorporation of nanocrystals into various types of devices. A brief description of our research directions is given below. For more information on our research capabilities, please, visit the pages linked to the titles below.

Research Thrusts

  • Novel MaterialsNovel Materials: chemical synthesis of semiconductor, metal, and hybrid nanomaterials through a variety of synthetic techniques.
  • Advanced Optical SpectrosocpyAdvanced Spectroscopy: uncovering unique physics of nanostructured materials with a variety of cutting-edge optical spectroscopies.
  • Exploratory DevicesExploratory Devices: applying novel nanomaterials in devices to study their application to lasers, photovoltaics, and detectors.
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