Los Alamos National Laboratory
Nanotechnology and Advanced Spectroscopy Team

Single Nanostructure Spectroscopy Lab at CINT

Nano-Optics Facilities

  • 3 home-built low temperature micro-PL systems
  • Scanning confocal Raman Microscope with triple-grating spectrograph
  • Home-built low-temperature, magneto micro-PL system (5 Tesla)
  • Scanning photo-current microscopy/spectroscopy capability
  • Capacitance photocurrent spectroscopy capability
  • High resolution spectrometers
  • LN cooled CCD array detectors (400-1050nm)
  • 2D & 1D InGaAs diode array detectors (800-1700nm)
  • TCSPC electronics with fast Si APDs (50  ps)
  • Ti: Sapphire oscillator with OPO covering the spectral range from 500-1400 nm
  • Continuous flow liquid He cryostats

Scanning Probe Capabilities

  • Low-temperature NSOM/AFM system
  • Room temperature aperture-less NSOM system (under development)
  • Low temperature STM integrated with single nanostructure optical spectroscopy capability (under development)

For more information on our current optical spectroscopy projects, please visit the Advanced Optical Spectroscopy section of Our Research.

August 2010

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